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Come and see our exciting new Artisans!
Come in and see artisans new to our Nest.  The craftsmanship of these talented artists are worth the trip.  Come and see for yourself!
French Knot Logo.png
From the very beginning, French Knot’s mission has been to create stylish winter accessories that emphasize quality, design, and social responsibility.  Lindsay collaborates with over 1000 women who spin, dye, knit, and felt French Knot accessories using skills entrusted by generations and guided by sustainable practices.  The combination of French Knot’s patterns, hand-embroidery, and embellishments create a line of winter hats and accessories unlike any other in today's market.
Hailey Gerrits Logo.png
Gerrits offers a decidedly unique product: not only is each piece handmade, but construction with unique gems and aged metals imbues each piece with an image of the past and all of its romance—fully embodying the notion of ‘one of a kind’. Each piece fuses the earthly character of the metals and gems with a historical materialist transcendence and refined artistic ability. 
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